Home interior design in Bangladesh

BD INTERIOR is one of the best Interior design company in Bangladesh. We are an interior design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Since 2010., we provide, both home and commercial projects and as well as flat / apartment interior design in Bangladesh. So far, we have already handed over many prestigious projects all over the country.

BD INTERIOR has the technical capabilities to achieve the highest level of works with “turn-key” Projects through our services offered. Our Experienced and Skilled Architects, Interior Designers, and Engineers successfully participate in every project from the initial concept to project handover.

In the initial step, we visit the site and understand the space requirements. We may suggest some design possibilities at this moment.

However, that does not mean it is the final design. A design is finalized only after collecting enough information about the projects.

We prepare a plan for the space. After that, we visualize the interior with different materials and select the material that seems best. We take your budget into account and see if the design is possible within your budget.

Here we can recommend minimalistic design, luxurious design, or a combination of formal-informal interior space. It all depends on the client’s requirements, space surroundings, etc.

After proposing our design, you can update the design as you prefer or select this design as final. Now we are ready to move to the last phase.

In the final step, we start to prepare to working drawings. Then in the final stage, we will supervise and coordinate the project.

There are many steps to complete a project. In every step, we ensure precision and professionalism. So the client is satisfied with our work. Hence we have confidence that we are the best interior design company in Bangladesh.

Our Commitment and dedication to our work have made us the best interior design company in Bangladesh among the top 10 interior design companies in Bangladesh.

Interior design cost in Bangladesh depends on various factors like room size, materials requirement, and the level of luxury.

We provide home interior design, restaurant interior design, duplex house design, dining room interior design, drawing room interior design, bedroom interior design, office interior design, showroom interior design, duplex house design, and more services. To find out in detail about our services contact us.